China South Industries Group Corporation, the birthplace of China national industry and the cradle of the defense industry, boasts a long history and a profound culture. As the backbone of the national defense-related science, technology and industry, the pillar industry in the national economy and the undertaker of social responsibilities, China South Industries Group Corporation has taken on divine mission and tasks.

Over the years, China South Industries Group Corporation has taken national rejuvenation as its own duty, deepening reform and opening up, in an effort to meet the strategic needs of national security and development. Against the backdrop of economic globalization, China South Industries Group Corporation has enhanced communication and cooperation both at home and abroad, establishing good relations with world famous enterprises in automobile and motorcycle sectors, gaining competitive advantage in its main areas of special products, automobiles, new energy and equipment manufacturing, achieving fast growth in modern service industry such as finance, business and trade. With its scale and strength growing, China South Industries Group Corporation has ranked among the forefront of the domestic manufacturing industry and listed among the Fortune Global 500 for many consecutive years, contributing to world peace and social progress.

Looking forward, with the divine mission of “safeguarding the army and contributing to the country, strengthening the enterprise and enriching the employees”, driving by the force of innovation and transformation, China South Industries Group Corporation will always hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, stick to the development road of military-civil integration, retain the good tradition of military industry, and strive to build an advanced military and modern industry system for a world-class military-civil integration enterprise group. In the journey of scientific development towards strength and excellence, we are looking forward to sincere cooperation with all friends for a better future in the principle of mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.

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